• Hiring and onboarding volunteers.

    Overcoming challenges of COVID-19 in NHS, local government, voluntary and private sectors.

  • Problem

    Black Swan

    Countering COVID-19.

    Volunteering has just become more important than ever in health and social care. But NHS Trusts and local authorities lack the tools to to attract and retain the best volunteer talent for key tasks and clinical trials.

  • Solution

    Enable volunteering for an integrated community.

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    Our Offer

    Hiring - faster and safer.

    Our Design Thinking Workshops are 2-hour events, focused on how we can work together to hire volunteers in health and social care - and meet unprecedented demand. We deliver the tools that drive this.

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    Being Guided

    Delivering solutions on Salesforce.

    As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, we deliver digital innovations to NHS, local government and private healthcare organisations. We operate with a simple Fixed-Price, Fixed-Time approach.



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