• Hiring volunteers and vaccinate faster.

    Platform for accelerating the vaccination programme to defeat COVID-19.

  • Problem

    Vaccinate, faster.

    More volunteers hired and engaged.

    Volunteering has become more important than ever in health. 50,000+ volunteers are required to step-up to be trained for a mass-scale vaccination programme to halt the COVID-19 pandemic in UK.


    Attracting the right volunteers, who meet the Occupational Health requirements, cannot be achieved by using existing NHS IT and paper-based processes. This immediately requires a trusted cloud platform.


    Our Platform provides a smoother way to move from promoting the volunteer roles, through hiring and onboarding to scheduling appointments - via text, email or phone - tailored for the citizen engagement.

  • Solution

    Digitising the volunteer hiring process.

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    Go-Live in 7 Days

    Hiring volunteers - faster and safer.

    The Volunteer Platform is built on Salesforce - trusted by the NHS. We provide a highly affordable fixed-price, fixed-time solution to the vaccination volunteer hiring problem. Up and running in just 7 days.

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    Being Guided

    Delivering solutions on Salesforce.

    As a Salesforce Registered Consulting Partner, we deliver digital innovations to NHS, local government and other organisations. We operate with speed uppermost in mind. Let's show you The Volunteer Platform.



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